Biography & History

"The DBC", (The Danny Bastos Collective), is an 8-piece world/soul/funk/r&b/rock/jazz melting pot of extraordinary talent and high energy, good times and overall positivity! Consisting of Danny Bastos on lead vocals/lead guitar, John Bunting on vocals/percussion, Matt McEwlain on Drums, Alex Scott on bass guitar, Jon Kenney on Trombone, Sean Culliton on Tenor Saxophone, Carrie McCune on Trumpet and Chris Beck and/or Johnny Bosbyshell on piano/keyboards, are a powerhouse of musicians that are never afraid to explore, improvise and perform the kind of music that will keep you moving and asking for more!

"The DBC" began in Denver, CO when a few years ago, Danny Bastos moved to Denver and began recording an independent album called "Living the Dream" in February 2012. Danny Bastos moved to Denver from Boston, Massachusetts with the hopes of crafting his musical abilities and songwriting craft in one of the most beautiful and joyous cities in the country! Danny Bastos' entire family originates from the musically and culturally vibrant country of Brazil and was the first in his family born in the United States. Danny's music is a celebration of cultures with non-stop multi-layered rhythms with harmonies and melodies that captivate and unite American Rock and Funk with the Soul and flavor of Brazil, Africa and Latin America!

"The DBC" is performing music straight from the heart and soul and is beginning to captivate audiences around Colorado and is making steps into cementing themselves as a premier act representing Colorado and beyond! Help support "The DBC" by signing up for our mailing list at Thank you and spread the love!